#2 Faithless Electors, 5 Things Republicans Should Rethink, & is “Real Media” Worse Than Fake News?

Episode 2 of the Podcast Without a Name, Still. Seriously. We’re working on it.

In this Christmas Edition we discuss the Electoral College and the surprising outcome of the vote that made President-Elect, President-Elect. 😉

5 Things Republicans should rethink – from Education to Standing Rock. You’ll be surprised by our take on some recent event.

Are mainstream media outlets like Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, etc… more threatening to our collective minds than Fake News?

Bonus: Alex Jones (fake) interview.

Much less alcohol consumed, so we’re a little more coherent.

#1 Russian Hackers; Identity Politics; Fake News – Hello World!

Episode 1 of a podcast that hasn’t been named yet. Seriously.

Obama calls for a review of Russian hacking of US elections, what and who are “fake News” and the “Alt-Right,” and how did identity politics influence the general election.

Anthony, Joe, and Rich explore various current events with a critical eye. In their non-partisan no BS approach, they provide a much-needed voice of reason in an increasingly divisive America.