#4 Trump becomes POTUS, we survived…so far, Women March and get “Nasty”

#4 In the much anticipated fourth episode of The Podcast Without a Name Trump becomes president and the world didn’t explode…yet.

Females march en masse to protest – urg, I mean celebrate women.

Trump’s inauguration speech puts everyone on notice and Joe highlights the good and the bad.

Rich reveals his unwavering love for Vice President Pence {insert sarcasm}.

Anthony drops a truth bomb about Planned Parenthood, it’s not what you’re expecting.

#3 Russia > Cuba, Terrorism and Mental Illness, and The Trump Rally (DOW 20K)

#3 Technical difficulties galore! Finally, the patchwork podcast is ready for consumption. So listeners, all 5 of you, take a gander below and get your ears ready.

Are Terrorists mentally ill? What the does the research show? Is there a false dichotomy between terrorism and mental illness?

Is it about time for a real Russian reset? With intelligence leaks claiming Russia “hacked” our election, are we in the mists of something unique or are we talking about a new means to the same ends?

The Trump bump! DOW 20K, what does it mean? Can Trump deliver?

We cover a lot this episode. I think you’ll be intrigued with Joe’s argument regarding the US/Russia relationship.

Rich explores the next best thing in tech that will channel America’s inter-1990s.

Anthony digs deep into a terrorist’s mind.