#6 Muslim Ban, Oh My! Nothing but love For Transgenders; Our Fav Podcasts; and Free Speech is Hard!

#6, the Podcast Without an Anthony. That’s right, Joe and Rich are a duet for this cast.

Is the Muslim Ban really a Muslim ban…Joe thinks so. How do we balance intent and technicalities?

Transgenders, are they being used to push agendas? If so, do they have the support system they need?

We highlight some of our favorite alternative media. Joe highlights Steven Crowder and David Rubin.

Free Speech is hard. ‘Nuff said.

#5 Trump’s First Days in Office; Israel/Palestinian Conflict Oh My! Next Big Innovation: Energy

#5 The long lost episode 5 is upon us.

Trump’s first days in office: From mortgage insurance premiums to media blackouts, the media’s bias was immediately apparent…surprise!

We dabble in the Israel/Palestinian conflict insofar as US Policy is concerned.

On innovation; post-internet, what’s next? Renewable energy! Anthony points out some challenges and we discuss the future of solar energy and some big players like Tesla.

We gloss over the executive orders — this was recorded before the EO on extreme vetting of visas and refugees. More on that later.

Finally, we have a little fun with the unique happenings in the UK Parliament.