#8 Chuck Berry the legend; Trump/Merkel Snafu and NATO; Trump is dinged on healthcare

#8 Anthony and Joe take over the cast until Rich wakes from a deep slumber.

We honor Chuck Berry, a groundbreaking musician that had cultural impacts well beyond his profession.

Trump snuffs Merkel and calls out Germany for NATO contributions. Guess what? He’s right, even if he doesn’t know why. Sources below*

With TrumpCare tabled, is this a major loss for Trump?

Finally, Rich wakes and chimes in via Facebook. We end the show discussing comedians and why they come and go.

* Sources for NATO discussion:



#7 Eff Freedom of the Press, right!? Blacks being exploited, but by who? North Korea & VX Gas!

#7 Rich and Joe take over The Podcast Without a Name, again. Anthony ditched us for Vicky’s semi-annual sale.

In this impromptu cast we cover the freedom of the press. What does that even mean and is it threatened?

Who is the real threat to the African American Community?

Then we have North Korea. While CNN obsesses over Trumps media disputes, North Korea deployed Raid for Humans™ in a target assassination.