#12 Bernie Has a Heart; Do Critical Thinkers Have to be Apolitical? Rich Pays Tribute to Jake!

#12 of The Podcast Without a Name’s Rich and Joe Show! Anthony continues to do real things with his life while Rich and Joe talk. About what? Thanks for asking:

No, politics didn’t create a nut job that shot up the GOP baseball game. But the overall rhetoric, from both sides, gave him a target. Let’s not forget this stuff goes both ways.

Critical thinkers are human. They don’t have to pretend to be above politics. They just need to articulate their position and practice dialectics.

Trump reverses most of Obama’s Cuban policy. No surprise. Should we even care?

Amazon buys Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. Perspective: Facebook purchased WhatsApp for $19 billion — an app with like 20 employees.

Finally, Rich pays tribute to his dog Jake.

#11 Leaky Comey testifies, Throws shade at Loretta Lynch! Then there’s McCain; Lion of London Bridge

#11 The Rich and Joe Show Presented by The Podcast Without a Name.

While Anthony is off nightgown shopping, Rich and Joe dig into the Comey testimony and the craziness that ensued.

We learn that Trump didn’t interfere with the Flynn investigation, but Comey has his opinions. Hmmm. The most revealing factoids weren’t related to Trump/Russia: Loretta Lynch quite possibly obstructed the FBI investigation into Hillary’s private email server. What? Yep, the most compelling revelation was linked to the Hilldabeast. Oh, and Comey is a leaker.

What’s the deal with John McCain? He rants, we listen, we don’t understand, he clarifies, we still don’t understand.

Finally, The Lion of London Bridge is a badass Football (aka Soccer)hooligan that saved many lives during the London van and knife attacks: http://www.independent.co.uk/News/uk/home-news/london-bridge-terror-attack-fk-fuck-you-im-millwall-hero-roy-larner-football-fan-lion-of-london-a7775246.html

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