#5 Trump’s First Days in Office; Israel/Palestinian Conflict Oh My! Next Big Innovation: Energy

#5 The long lost episode 5 is upon us. Trump’s first days in office: From mortgage insurance premiums to media blackouts, the media’s bias was immediately apparent…surprise! We dabble in the Israel/Palestinian conflict insofar as US Policy is concerned. On innovation; post-internet, what’s next? Renewable energy! Anthony points out some challenges and we discuss the […]

#2 Faithless Electors, 5 Things Republicans Should Rethink, & is “Real Media” Worse Than Fake News?

Episode 2 of the Podcast Without a Name, Still. Seriously. We’re working on it. In this Christmas Edition we discuss the Electoral College and the surprising outcome of the vote that made President-Elect, President-Elect. 😉 5 Things Republicans should rethink – from Education to Standing Rock. You’ll be surprised by our take on some recent […]